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f you like feature-rich games then you will love the games from Jackpot Party
® casino which hosts top Las Vegas slots that you can now play here in the UK.

Jackpot Party
® games not only contain highly original feature games but also have great gameplay: the emphasis is a combination of lots of reel wins interspersed with regular feature games and big, big jackpots.

And even better, with every slot you play, and no matter what the stake, you have the chance to trigger the Jackpot Party
® feature which pays out a of  number of jackpot levels the top one of which can reach £40,000 or more! This heart-thumping feature is randomly triggered and anyone can win it!

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The Wizard of Oz™  is an iconic film that needs no introduction and this atmospheric slots takes you into Dorothy's dream world where you'll find all of your favourite (and not so favourite!) characters.

With three thrilling feature games - all of which can generate the jackpot - every spin will hold your attention.
Take a look at just one of the fantastic WMS Slot Games ...
The Wizard Of Oz
Spin in 3 Emerald City icons on reels 1, 3 and 5 and the OZ PICK FEATURE™ is generated; you'll win an instant cash award or THE EMERALD CITY FEATURE™ or  WINGED MONKEY™ WILD feature. During the normal game, if the reels keep spinning watch out for the  GLINDA THE GOOD WITCH™ feature game where entire reel suddenly become WILD courtesy of the witch from the West!
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Therefore, it is important to set your limits before you play and accept that whilst you may well win, it could go the other way and you may spend your stake. What is crucial is that you must avoid chasing a win, because the nature of how the fruit machines play may mean a prohibitively long losing streak (or winning streak) on occasions.

If you feel that your gaming is getting out of control, then stop - take a breather, have a cup of tea - and visit. This excellent site will help you take stock and give you practical steps to help you get back in control. Certainly, we here at realise the importance of enjoying your gaming and sincerely want to make sure that you are comfortable with the experience.

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